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How to Apply

How to Apply:
  • Complete online application
  • Register in person at Records & Registration
  • Pay $500 deposit through Touchnet
  • Print copy of your passport or a completed passport application
 Please submit the following to the CPE:
  • Proof of payment of $500 deposit
  • Permission to Register form (signed by Records & Reg)
  • Passport copy or copy of passport application

More on How to Apply
  • Click on the course title  and then click "Apply Now"
  • Enter your user name and password. (User name is your eNumber,  Password is your EC password)
  • Provide required information (date of birth, home address, etc.) You may not be asked these questions if you previously applied to a program through our system.
  • Complete the online application  Application page example
  • Print the "Permission to Register" Form and then register in person at Records & Registration
  • Pay the $500 deposit on Touchnet and print the receipt.   
  • Submit the signed form to CPE with other materials.  

Paying the $500 Deposit
How to Access TouchNet:
How to Pay:

Step 1   Click on eDeposits
Step 2    Make Deposit Payment for Term
              Select the term  2018 January  - Click Select
              (EC Summer and Spring Break will also select 2018 January)
              Make Deposit Payment
              Select Travel Abroad Deposit – Click Select
Step 3   Select payment method
             Review details. Submit payment and print receipt
             Turn in receipt to CPE along with other application materials.