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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation


Most EC exchange partners and affiliated program providers of long-term experiences (summer, semester or full-year) require at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member at EC.  If you are going to be studying in a foreign language, you will probably also be required to submit a language proficiency report.  Since each program provides you with application materials specific to its individual programs, you should NOT use the ECabroad website to request electronic recommendations from EC faculty members. 

NOTE:  If the recommendations panel appears on your application page, this is simply a reminder that you should check the requirements for your specific program and be sure to submit the number of recommendations required.


We strongly recommend that you request recommendations from EC faculty members with whom you are well acquainted and who can best address your academic suitability for the program you have chosen.  Do not submit recommendations from other students, friends or family.  Professional courtesy dictates that you first contact your reference by phone or e-mail to request a recommendation before submitting the recommendation form.

Submitting a Recommendation

Students applying to any of Elmhurst College's exchange programs, including ISEP, should consult with the Director of International Education, who administers all exchanges for the College.

Students applying to programs through affiliated providers should submit recommendations in accordance with the instructions provided in the affiliated provider's application materials.

Note: Students participating in J-term or short-term summer experiences led by EC faculty members are not required to submit recommendations, unless otherwise noted.