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Sample Applications

Sample Applications

If you would like to view sample applications in the various stages of the application process, please click on the links below:

  1. Sample Application:  Pre-Decision (Long-term programs)

  2. Sample Application:  Post-Decision (Long-term programs)

  3. Sample Application:  Pre-Decision (Short-term programs, i.e. J-term)

  4. Sample Application:  Post-Decision (Short-term programs, i.e. J-term)

PLEASE NOTE:  Application requirements vary widely by program.  The items shown in the sample applications are some that you MIGHT see in your own application.  The application for your particular program may have more parts or fewer parts than as seen in the sample application. 

Below is an example of what an application page on Studio Abroad should look like at Advising, Pending, Accepted and Committed Stages.

Advising Application

Pending Application


Accepted Application

Example of Application