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Welcome Back!


Libby G. in Galapagos

Returning home from your studies abroad can be as difficult as your initial experience going overseas. When returning home, it is important to make use of the same skills and tools that you developed while abroad. Studying abroad is a wonderful, transformational opportunity that more and more students are choosing to include in their studies. Many students have felt that finding an outlet for sharing their international education experience helped them with their own, personal reentry process. Feel free to talk with your instructors, academic advisers or staff in International Education about possibilities.

To get you started, listed below are just a few activities that returning study abroad students have opted to participate in after they returned to campus:

  • CPP250 Re-entry Session for students returning from long-term programs
  • Phi Beta Delta's Welcome Back Celebration for students returning from J-Term programs
  • International Peer Mentor Program for new incoming international students
  • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars (by invitation)
  • International Education Week activities
  • Presentations to community groups
  • National Foreign Language Week activities, including the International Poetry Reading
  • Study Abroad Panel of Experts
  • Research and Performance Showcase session or poster