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Frequently Asked Questions

What ECIC requirements do my study away course fulfill?
  • Click on our 2020 Course Matrix to see the requirements the courses fulfill.
  • All study away courses meet experiential learning requirement, intercultural global engagement requirement, count towards ICS major/ minor, and fulfill ICS 380 course requirement.

Is J-term included in my tuition?
  • Students who attend Fall and Spring semesters full time: students will be responsible for paying the comprehensive program fee but no additional tuition is charged.
  • Students who only attend one semester full time: In addition to paying the comprehensive program fee, students will be charged 50% of J-Term tuition.
  • Part time students: In addition to paying the comprehensive program fee, students will be charged full J-term tuition.
Will the class I take abroad transfer over for credit?
  • Yes! All Elmhurst faculty-led courses count toward your experiential learning and intercultural global engagement requirements.
What is UMAIE?
  • UMAIE stands for the Upper Midwest Association for International Education. It is a Minnesota non-profit corporation and consortium of five colleges and universities. This group has worked tougher since 1963 to provide an intercultural curriculum through overseas study during the January Term. All UMAIE course are available to Elmhurst College students and vice versa.
Who will teach my class abroad?
  • Elmhurst College faculty teach EC J-term and Spring Break courses. If enrolled in a UMAIE course, it might be an Elmhurst professor or a professor from another school in the UMAIE group.

Where will I stay/live when I travel abroad?
  • This depends on the program. J-term, Spring Break, and Summer courses can all vary. Some offer homestays, while others stay in hotels or hostels.

What is the cancellation policy?