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Step-by-Step Application Instructions


In order to take full advantage of the support available through ECabroad, please read the following information carefully before you begin the on-line application process. We suggest you refer back to this information as often as necessary throughout the process. Please be aware that all students applying for a long-term experience must complete two separate sets of materials, one set for their affiliated program and one set for Elmhurst College. 

Affiliated program materials are generally submitted directly to the program through its own website. Possible exceptions to this include any EC exchanges and direct enrollment partners (ISEP, Kansai Gaidai, Universidad de Pontificias Comillas, Middlebury CMRS Humanities Program in Oxford, Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, University of Worms, Queen Mary University of London, University College Dublin in Ireland). 

EC materials are submitted through the ECabroad website.

You should take the following steps when applying for a long-term program:

1.  Before you apply, be sure that you have completed the advising process with staff from the Office of International Education. If you submit an application without having met with us, your application will be withdrawn.

2.  After you receive approval from the International Education staff, log in to the ECabroad site at using the "Log-in" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You must use your EC e-number and password in order to apply to a program. If you apply using any other e-mail provider, your application will be withdrawn.

3.  Search for the program you plan to attend using the "Programs" tab to search for your specific program. After locating your program, click into the link for that program. At this point, the brochure for your program will be displayed and you can choose to "apply now," or "save this." These two tabs will send your request only to the EC Office of International Education, NOT to your program provider. To access materials for your program provider, you will have to click into the Homepage "click-to-visit" link, which will take you to the provider website, where you can find information specific to your chosen program and its application process.

4.  Apply to your chosen program as soon as you have received approval from the International Education staff and before you begin submitting EC materials through the ECabroad website. If you apply to your program early and meet all of the listed criteria, your odds of getting the placement you want increase and you are in a better position to apply for a program scholarship.

5.  Create your file on the ECabroad site by logging in and following the instructions listed in #3 above to locate your program and apply. This step can be performed concurrently with your program application. 

6.  After you have submitted initial materials, you should be sure to respond to any requests for additional materials from both your program provider and International Education. It bears repeating that materials required by your program should normally be submitted directly to them, following any instructions given. Materials required by Elmhurst College should be submitted through the ECabroad website or per instructions given. Once you have submitted your initial materials to Elmhurst College, you can log in to your file there and track your progress.