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Student Assessments & Assignments

Internship Insights
Please review the Power Point before the start of your internship. There are a lot of valuable tips that will enhance the success of your internship. 
*This assignment should be submitted on Blackboard at the beginning of your internship .?
Elmhurst College Internship Orientation

Initial Self-Assessment
The initial self-assessment form should be used to accurately evaluate your self-determined level of proficiency with a variety of skills at the beginning of your internship. It's purpose is to help you define what skills you would specifically like to improve through out your internship experience. This assessment will also be useful when you complete the Goals & Objectives.

*This assignment should be submitted on Blackboard before the course starts.
Internship Handbook-Initial Self Assessment

Goals & Learning Objectives
The purpose of this assignment is essentially to create a "Learning Contract" with your internship site and supervisor. You will develop goals that will help you improve on the soft skills employers are requiring and discuss them with your supervisor to ensure that the work you are provided will be beneficial in reaching the outcomes you desire.Your supervisor will review your goals and decribe the training /mentoring that will be provided for you. Please give a copy of your goals to your supervisor.  You both will sign the Goals and Objectives form.  Your Goals will also be useful when you write your Reflection Paper.
Internship Handbook - Goals/Objectives- Fillable

*Please use this form to track the hours worked for each week of your internship.  This form should be signed by your site supervisor and yourself and submitted on Blackboard at the end of the internship.
Internship Handbook-Time Sheet (fixed fillable)
Internship Handbook-Time Sheet - Summer
Internship Handbook-Time Sheet - J-term

Feedback Forms
The feedback form will allow you to reflect upon your experience and assist you in accomplishing your goals and developing your skills.   
*Please submit on Blackboard.
Internship Feedback #1 (fillable fixed)
Internship Feedback #2 Midterm (fillable fixed)
Internship Feedback #3 (fillable fixed)
Internship Feedback #4 (fillable fixed)

Final Self-Assessment
The final self-assessment form should be completed at the end of your internship to evaluate your skills after your experience as an intern, and to identify skill areas that need additional improvement as you go forward in your professional development.   Your Final Assessment will also be useful when you write your Reflection Paper.  
*This assignment is due at the end of your internship and should be submitted on Blackboard.
Internship Handbook- Final Self-Asessment (fixed fillable)

Reflection Paper
Internship Professional Reflection Paper Requirements
Internship - Understanding Diversity in the Workplace
COM-498 Reflection Paper

Alternate Reflection Paper
If this is not your first internship experience at your current internship site, please complete an Alternate Reflection Paper. In lieu of a reflection paper, you will be required to complete one of the suggested topics.

Please submit on Blackboard.
Internship Alternative Reflection Paper Assignment

Internship Course Assessment
This is an assessment of the internship course.  Please be honest with your responses.  We value your input and use your suggestions to make the course more beneficial to future interns.

Please submit on Blackboard.
Student Assessment of Internship Course

Internship Site Assessment
This is an assessment of your internship site. Please be honest with your responses. We value your input and use the evaluations of the site for future intern experiences. Your information is not shared with the employer.

*Please submit on Blackboard
Student Assessment of Internship Site

Internship Site Photo
With permission from your internship site -please upload a photo of you at your internship site (with the comany name in the photo). (optional)
**By uploading the photo on Blackboard you give Elmhurst College permission to reprint the photo and use for marketing purposes.

Internship Quote
Compose a brief statement about your internship experience that you feel would promote internships or the internship course to  students considering an internship.  (optional)
** By uploading this statement on Blackboard you give Elmhurst College permission to reprint your comments and use for marketing purposes.