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Planning and Deadlines

  • February 1: All applications for Fall Term experiences due
  • March 1: Spring Term registrations for CPP250: Preparing for International Education due
  • September 1: All applications for Spring Term experiences due
  • October 1: All Fall Term registrations for CPP250: Preparing for International Education due

The ideal time to begin planning your study abroad adventure is between 12 and 18 months before your anticipated date of departure. Although it is possible to go abroad during your freshman year, most students wait until they are sophomores or juniors when they have a clear idea of class arrangements and graduation dates. Keep in mind that seniors cannot leave the country for their last term at Elmhurst but they have the option of doing the Washington DC Semester or Chicago Semester.
Start talking to people about your upcoming experience!
  • The International Education Office (located in the CPE) offers peer advising to get your questions answered by student workers.
  • A Study Away Fair is held at the beginning of each semester to showcase programs offered and meet with representatives from program providers. See announcements in the left-hand bar for the next Fair date.
  • You should meet with your academic advisor to discuss fitting a study abroad experience in your schedule and discuss what classes should be taken abroad.

Other things to Consider

Deadlines: Some programs have rolling deadlines that are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the program is full, you will not get a spot in the program, no matter how qualified you are. Therefore, it is suggested that you turn in all your paperwork well ahead of the listed deadlines. For other programs, all applications are evaluated at once after the set deadline. Look at your individual program, or individual programs, to see the application deadline that applies to you. Start the application process during the term (6-12 months) before your anticipated departure, or sooner, in order to guarantee a smooth application process.

Campus Life: If you are living on the Elmhurst College campus, you will need to contact Residential Life to make appropriate arrangements for your return. If you live in an apartment or a house you will need to think about sub-leasing or terminating your lease all together. Arranging for return housing while you are studying abroad can be a source of stress, so do as much planning as possible before you leave.