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Travel Abroad Policy


Important Notice from the CPE: International

  • Students participating in EC-sponsored and/or affiliated activities outside the United States, whether or not involving EC funds, MUST apply for permission to undertake this activity through ECabroad.  This policy applies to individual students, student organizations and students participating in campus-organized activities and includes experiences involving independent study credit, research credit, internship credit, volunteering, or non-credit activities.  International Education and the department awarding credit or sponsoring the activity will review the application.  In those instances where there is no clear sponsor, International Education will review the application.  Applications will be evaluated to determine that the activity conforms to existing College policies relating to academics, health and safety.

  • All Student organizations non-credit international experiences must have submitted the non-credit approval form for approval 8 months prior to the experience abroad, either individually or as a group participant.
  • All students, whether traveling abroad individually or as part of a group, must complete the required College forms and submit them to International Education prior to commencing travel.

  • A student who is on academic or judicial probation MAY NOT apply for a study away program until the terms of said probation have been satisfied.