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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I study abroad?

Libby Hammack in London

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world and broaden your horizons. It gives you the chance to look at life from a different perspective and learn more than you can imagine.

It is also a valuable experience that will enhance your résumé.  Many employers are looking for people who have practical experience living in a different culture.  Studying abroad shows that you are independent, resourceful, able to deal with ambiguity and a risk taker - positive qualities that can only enhance your resume.

The #1 regret of many college graduates is that they did NOT study abroad.  Why not make the most of your college experience by studying abroad and never living with this regret?


What majors can I study abroad through Elmhurst College?

Luckily for Elmhurst students, any major at Elmhurst can study abroad. However, many of the programs available to
Elmhurst College students are structured with specific majors in mind. Before choosing a specific program, think about
the courses that are offered abroad, how they will enhance your major and affect your anticipated graduation date.


When can I study abroad?

Elmhurst College students can study abroad starting in the J-Term of their first year at Elmhurst College. Elmhurst College
offers four different semester options for study abroad.

  • Fall semester
  • J-Term
  • Spring semester
  • Spring Break short term
  • EC Summer or Summer session with affiliated partners
  • Domestic study away options are also available during the fall, spring, or summer semesters (Washington or Chicago Semester)
  • Students can even spend an entire academic year studying abroad!

The key in finding the time to go abroad is planning ahead and making sure courses abroad that fulfill major and other College requirements coincide with your time abroad. Studying abroad is a transformational experience and you are encouraged to go abroad any time from the J-Term of your first year to the J-Term of your senior year. Studying abroad is not permitted during your first or last semesters at Elmhurst College because of  academics and graduation. One exception, though, for seniors, is to participate in a Washington Semester or Chicago Semester.

How do I choose a program?

Researching a program that you're interested in is the most important step, but before doing your research you may want to consider the following questions:

  •  What type of courses do you want to take while studying abroad?

  • Are you interested in courses in your major?

  • Are you interested in courses in your minor, AoK or electives?

  • Is the cost of the program a concern?

  • What can the program offer you as a study abroad student?

With these questions in mind, take a look at the First Steps link for more valuable information.

NOTE:  Before applying for long-term study abroad, you must arrange for an individual advising session with an advisor.  To schedule an appointment, login to ECconnect, then select career center, appointments, schedule an appointment.

What is the cost of an abroad program?

Most people think it costs a small fortune to study away. Not so: Typically, a semester away costs about the same as a term on campus – sometimes less. For fall and spring semesters, the student will pay the regular Elmhurst tuition to study away, and pay housing through their program provider. In most cases, you can apply your Elmhurst College financial aid package toward your time away! Every Elmhurst-affiliated program offers scholarships for study abroad; some students are eligible to apply for Gilman, Boren, and Freeman-Asia scholarships.

The bottom line: Don't let misconceptions about price stop you from exploring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For more specific information on program costs check program provider websites for the programs that you are interested in or visit the "Cost" area on ECabroad.