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One of the most challenging, and quite often most rewarding, pursuits of an educator's career is leading a group of students on a study away experience. Global Engagement encourages faculty members from all academic departments to consider developing a study away course. The Associate Director of Global Engagement would be happy to assist faculty members who would like to propose a new course. All faculty-led programs must be approved by the Global Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GACC). 

Presentation on Faculty Led Programs 

Faculty Shadow Program 
The study abroad shadow program serves as a development opportunity for faculty who intend to lead a short-term study abroad program in the near future (1-2 years). Shadows will be paired with experienced faculty leaders on existing programs and are expected to travel with the group and participate in all group activities. Limited spots are available.
Faculty Shadow Application
Deadline: September 15, 2023

Leading a Study Abroad / Study Away Program


  1. Familiarize yourself with the faculty-led program process by attending an information session or meeting with Global Engagement.
  2. Begin to formulate ideas about your program proposal and complete the intent to submit form.
  3. Complete the program proposal and all of its components (below) and submit to GACC for approval.

Program Proposal Requirements

1. Proposal Form
New Faculty-led Proposal Form - For new programs, previous programs that have not run in past three years, or previous programs with significant academic or on-site changes.

Continuing Faculty-led Proposal Form - For programs that have run within the past three years and do not have any significant academic or on-site changes.

2. Course Syllabus
A syllabus for the course listed above must be attached to this proposal and should include course goals and objectives, required readings and assessment methods. The syllabus should clearly define how site visits and other activities align with the learning objectives of the course.

3. Itinerary
Provide a daily itinerary that includes all group travel, activities, lectures, site visits, group discussions and cultural activities that are required parts of the course. 

4. Budget - Faculty Led Proposal Budget Template
Submit a budget with expected expenses using the provided template. The budgeting process will be ongoing and GACC does not expect a budget to be finalized at this time. All faculty-led programs are selfsupporting, which means all related expenses should be managed through student fees and/or external funds. At the same time, making sure that programs are affordable for students is also important. Faculty expense should be included in the budget and are part of the program fee. Faculty salary should not be factored in.

5. Proposal from study abroad travel provider (if any)

Proposals and supplemental materials should be sent to Brian Wilhite
Intent to submit forms for programs running AY 2024-2025 are due September 15, 2023.
Full proposals are due October 31, 2023.

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